Music. What is happening when it is happening? We encourage you to go further. We all have a cool tool: deeply internalized symbolic expression embedded in the experience of listening. "But my lens is fogged/cracked/scratched up?"If you have no way of talking about it, this might be the festival for you. When we talk we break things up, in order to give conventional descriptions to this thing, to name it and distract from it's essence. Blaming the beginning or blaming the end. So the task is to piece together and approximate the general shape of the dream you have when you listen to this music. And if you are already sitting in the seat with the clearest view, your other option is working with the image you already have, recording yourself humming the tune of this dream you already captured. So start with a video or start with a piece of music, and submit what you end up with by October 30th 2018. 


Symphony of Fire 

A submission based music to video / video to music based festival established in 2016. Symphony of Fire is open to all video+music submissions locally and internationally. Videos are screened at the bi-annual Symphony of Fire screenings at Luckys Comics. 
The project currently has an archive of 100+ videos created for the festival. symphonyoffiresubmissions@


This 5th edition of Symphony of Fire was a homage to superstitions, celebrations, fear, anxiety, monsters, demons, magic, darkness, tricks, pranks, ghosts, saints, idols, nightfall, windchimes, moons, nightmares, dreams, lotteries, burned wigs, phenomenon, miracles, harvests, twilight, creatures, obsessions, doppelgängers, coincidences, strange games, phantasms, and all animals and celestial beings.


Symphony of Fire is a music to video, video to music submission based festival. You make a video and send it to us, we screen it. Established in December 2016, this February will mark the 4th Symphony of Fire festival in 12 months.We will be screening all submissions as well as hosting presenters. We are an inclusive festival that is genreless. We accept applicants of all musical styles, backgrounds, video quality, fame, notoriety or anonymity. Submissions are open till February 1st at 12pm, INTERNATIONAL SUBMISSIONS very encouraged.That being said we have a few guidelines:We will make room for those who make room for others so racist, sexist, ableist, homo/bi/queer/hetero/trans-phobic etc videos are unwelcome. However we screen everything and if we deem the video to be the above we will invite you to a q&a if you do not agree with our sentiments.All music videos screened at Symphony Of Fire must be NEW and previously unscreened to a mass audience. This festival is for new material.IMPORTANT:The music video you made is a fan video, therefore go wild, if you want to make a music video for a local artist, ok, if you want to make a Prince music video, ok. If you are making a video for someone you could know, ask them! If it’s a video for someone famous, fuck them!If you have an older video that was a pain to make or required some new d.i.y. technology and you’d like to share your story, please email us a link to the video and some information and we could screen your video with a brief presentation.Downtown Public Library VPL has the inspiration station which provides free video editing software and computers, and analog to digitital conversion, so there are resources!If you have any other questions, please email us!